Building Regulation Applications

Dealing with your local council

I take the hassle out of applying for Building Regulations Approval by completing all the necessary documentation and submitting all required drawings and specifications.

Building Regulations are there to ensure your project is built within the legal standards. In short they are the minimum standards for design, construction and alterations, developed by the Government and approved by Parliament.

Failure to obtain Building Regulations could knock thousands of pounds off of the value of your home, risk the safety of the inhabitants and could leave you with a substantial fine.

I am currently helping homeowners with:

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"Jadranka not only offers sound structural design solutions but she also has a great understanding of architecture and general building design and has provided us with well considered multi-discipline conceptual advice as well as robust detailing / plans. She brings with a high level of professionalism, a strong knowledge of Building Control matters and a great sense of humour to our project – recommended!"

S Hedger, Horsham