Site Supervision Service in Horsham

Government has recently (October 2023) created additional Regulations that define the duties of those involved in construction including property owners, designers and contractors to ensure buildings are constructed competently and are safe. This is in response to the Greenfield Tower disaster. For a domestic client (homeowner) the regulations require them to appoint a suitably qualified designer to supervise construction. Hence, we also provide our Site Supervision Service to meet this need.

In carrying out this service we undertake the following:

  • If required, we can assist clients with selecting a suitable builder as this is the first step in ensuring good quality construction. We cannot select or appoint a builder, but we can support, review and advise during the tender process.
  • We will agree an appropriate schedule for site visits with both the client and builder, so we monitor works on a regular basis and at key stages of construction.
  • During site visits we will check building work carried out on site to ensure that it complies with the design and the Building Regulations.
  • Provide feedback to client, builder and building control following visits on any issues found and in response to queries, as appropriate.
  • We will liaise with the builder to resolve any construction issues that arise as the existing building is opened up or unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • We will also liaise with Local Authority Building Control to assist them in undertaking their duties during construction.

See Our Duties page about this new Government Requirement.

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"I wish we had been introduced to Jadranka earlier in the project. Having had a poor experience with a previous planning and design consultant, she was exactly what we were looking for in a design partner.

Her enthusiasm and ownership of the project is impressive, happily going beyond her remit to fill in the gaps left by other professionals to ensure the appropriate result is achieved. Her ability to visualise the end result allows Jadranka to look at aspects of the design from different angles, adding real value with new ideas and suggestions, but at the same time not afraid to voice an opinion if concerned by client choices.

With Jadranka’s help, we have achieved a brilliant result with our building project.

As a bonus, Jadranka is very personable with a great sense of humour, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend her to others about to embark on a building project"

Mr J Lokhandvala, from Hassocks