Structural Design

Ensuring your project is safe and practical

More often than not when constructing a new building or making alterations to an existing one it is likely that some structural elements (foundations, beams, floors, roof, walls etc.) will need to be designed or verified to ensure their strength and stability.

Structural calculations and details are generally prepared for submission to the Local Authority for Building Regulations Approval.

You can be assured of the highest professional standards as I am a fully qualified chartered structural engineer and a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers in the UK.

I provide the following services:

  • Structural surveys
  • Structural design in all structural materials, i.e. steel, concrete, timber, masonry.
  • Simple structural design and detailing for steel beams, padstones and piers that are required to replace loadbearing walls in a domestic properties
  • Structural solutions to complex architectural schemes
  • Computer analysis and design of steel framed buildings
  • Computer analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings
  • Cost effective design

I am currently helping homeowners with:

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"I was converting a small bungalow into a 5 bedroom dorma bungalow in Ottershaw Surrey that needed structural calculations that would allow me to retain living conditions throughout the build process i.e. manageable steels that would fit above the existing ceilings. Given this brief Jadranka Carmichael of Carmichael Building Design Ltd. was able to design a workable scheme. The detail that was provided was fantastic it allowed shared AUTOcad drawings between all the trades pilling engineers, architect and steels fabricators.

Jadranka was always able to find a solution when unforeseen problems arose i.e. pad stone sizes not available and was happy to recalculate. All the trades that have used the drawings have commented how clear and precise the work is which makes the task so much easier. I have enjoyed working with Jadranka and would use her expertise again."

LA Harradine

Member of institution of structural engineers